Setting up the web-widget

As given in the Getting Started page, to import the widget, all you have to do is to copy the javascript code to the bottom of your website.

Following are the optional parameters which can be passed into kbse_user_info variable:

icon_text - text of the widget icon. Default - "help",

head_title - header title of the expanded widget. By default, it is your Company name + "Support"

category_id - id of the category. Articles will be filtered by a given category

page_name - the name of the page importing the widget. For example, "sign up". It can be used to get specific article suggestions or statistics relevant to current page_name.

sort_mode - how articles must be sorted. Default value - "latest":

  • category_popular - articles from the category <category_id> sorted by popularity
  • category_latest - articles from the category <category_id> starting from the latest
  • category_oldest - articles from the category <category_id> starting from the oldest
  • page_relevant - the most relevant articles by <page_name>
  • popular - articles sorted by popularity
  • latest - from latest to oldest
  • oldest - from oldest to latest

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